Cosmetics and disinfectants: inside of borderline products

Borderline products: cosmetics or disinfectants?


Francesca Fasano, Head of BU Chemical in Chemsafe, has published an article on HPC TODAY – FIRST ISSUE OF 2021.


In 2020 due to the spread of COVID-19, the market experienced a sudden request of products for hand washing, which caused shortage of products. Several companies looked with interest at this market portion. The main problem was to understand which regulation to follow, the cosmetic regulation or the biocidal product regulation. Both regulations may apply, it is matter of economic and marketing strategy to choose between them. This paper gives a quick overview of the differences in terms of requirements, costs, time and claims between the regulation, to helpĀ companies to make their choice.

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2021 VOL 16(1) pg. 41.

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