Le tappe del Bisfenolo A   Il bisfenolo A (BPA), è un composto organico di sintesi con due gruppi fenolici geminali. È impiegato nella produzione delle plastiche in policarbonato (molto diffuse per le proprietà di trasparenza, resistenza termica e meccanica) utilizzate nei recipienti per uso...

Chemsafe in brief

Chemsafe started its activity in August 2001 being founded by Dr. Antonio Conto after 13 years’ experience in an Italian CRO. Chemsafe is now a Regulatory Affairs company working in many fields of regulatory activities and having acquired more that 400 customers over the years. From a single man company to having 26 employees in 2020, Chemsafe can be considered one of the most consolidated regulatory Affairs Company in Italy and at a wider European level. The regulatory work is managed by four Business Units; each of them contains highly experienced staff managed by a Senior Scientist with an average of at least 7-8 years’ experience in the specific field.



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