Chemsafe was founded in 2001 and all along the years it consolidated its role as reference regulatory company at European level. The expertise cumulated since the beginning allows the company to enter in new fields of activity such as Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Food; the newborn activities. On the whole we can boast of huge number of Registration Dossier/Expert reports released to our customers; around 500 REACH dossier; more than 100 Biocides/agro dossier; more than 1200 PDE, more than 250 OELs settings, thousands of SDS prepared and translated in a number of languages.


Chemsafe background consisted and still consists in deep knowledge of toxicological, eco-toxicological and environmental fate safety evaluation for chemicals as well as pre-clinical and clinical assessments for drugs. This was due to the expertise of the founder that was slowly but constantly shifted to all scientific colleagues within the company. This strong expertise was offered to customers in different fields of activity in a very successful way.


Chemsafe mission can be summarize as follows: “offer regulatory, technical and legal expertise in the field of chemical safety, food and pharmaceuticals quality and drug development with a “key-point approach and customer care attitude”. Chemsafe people has two fundamental skills: an excellent scientific background along with utmost human relationship characteristics. The union of these two skills makes our regulatory service very efficient and pleasant for our customers.

Chemsafe in brief

Chemsafe started its activity in August 2001 being founded by Dr. Antonio Conto after a 13 years experience in an Italian CRO. It’s now a full Regulatory Affairs company working in many fiels of regulatory activities and having acquired more that 250 customers all along the years. From a single man company to a 20 employee in 2017, Chemsafe can be considered one of the most consolidated regulatory Affairs Company in Italy and at European level. The regulatory work is managed by different Business Units; each of them includes long experienced staff managed by a Senior Scientist with an average of more that 7-8 years experience in the specific field.

Our values

Our mission is to offer reagulatory, technical/scientific and legal solution and services in the field of chemical safety, food and pharma quality/drug development with a “key point” approach and customer care attitude. Our staff is carefully selected on the basis of the scientific/regulatory experience associated with a utmost attitude to work and related with people (the customers). All Chemsafe people is regularly attending training sessions at international level to improve your knowledge on their specific expertise in order to keep up to date their knoledge. Communication skills are also fed by frequent brainstorming and discussion between collagues.




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