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Free Webinar – La valutazione biologica: cosa cambia con l’MDR e i nuovi standard di riferimento

Webinar gratuito  – Giovedì 29.04.2021

Ore 10:00 – 11:00

La valutazione biologica: cosa cambia con l’MDR e i nuovi standard di riferimento

Free Webinar – Comprendere gli articoli: cosa c’è a monte della notifica SCIP

Webinar gratuito  – Giovedì 22.04.2021

Ore 11:00 – 12:00

Comprendere gli articoli: cosa c’è a monte della notifica SCIP

Free Webinar – ISO 13485: Dispositivi medici – Sistema di gestione per la qualità – Requisiti per scopi regolamentari

Webinar gratuito  – Giovedì 14.04.2021

Ore 10:00 – 11:00

Questo Webinar da una introduzione agli aspetti della realizzazione del prodotto secondo la ISO 13485: la norma tecnica armonizzata alla legislazione cogente in materia di dispositivi medici, che illustra i requisiti regolamentari per l’applicazione del Sistema Gestione Qualità da parte di tutta la catena di fornitura dei dispositivi medici

Calendario Webinar – Gli appuntamenti per Aprile e Maggio 2021

Calendario Webinar

Gli appuntamenti per Aprile e Maggio 2021

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Free Webinar – Medici Dispositivi “Dalla definizione alle certificazione CE”

Webinar gratuito  – Mercoledì 24.02.2021

Ore 09:00 – 12:00

Questo Webinar da una introduzione generale ai requisiti posti dal Regolamento (EU) 2017/745 ai fabbricanti di Dispositivi Medici.

Free Webinar – EU BPR Task Force for quats authorisation

Webinar gratuito  – Mercoledì 24.02.2021

Ore 15:00 – 17:00

Chemsafe, Eurofins Biopharma product testing Italy & Johnson LLP are setting up a BRP Task Force for Quaternary ammonium compounds-based products

CHEMSAFE ACTIVITY during COVID19 emergengy

Dear Customers, Suppliers, Partners, Authorities, Chemsafe Srl implements and supports Italian Government actions in order to restrain Covid19 outbreak and related social and sanitary effects. In such a difficult period for our Country, it’s important to avoid any unnecessary contacts and, in the meantime, to protect the supply chain of chemical and medical products, so needful items.


Chemsafe, after the positive experience of BPR Task Force of producers of Disinfectants containing Sodium Hypochorite, is going to organize new Task Forces related to Quaternary Ammonium Compunds, like Alkyldimethylbenzyl ammonium chloride and Didecyldimethylammonium chloride. Sharing costs and integrating skills is a key success factor for tackling the BPR deadlines of your disinfectant products.

Contact Chemsafe and inquire for information about our BPR Task Forces:


Chemsafe offers regulatory, experimental and project management services for companies willing to place on the market Pesticides, Biopesticides, Biostimulants and Fertilizers.

An Innovative Pest Control Management includes many other products than the usual chemicals, as microorganisms, proteins, plants and natural extracts. Furthermore Biostimulants and Fertilizers are necessary to make agriculture more sustainable and, in the overall environmental view, more profitable for everyone, of course with the need of a safe approach to users and consumers.

Contact Chemsafe to develop your sustainble pest management business:


In the pink river that invaded the center of Turin on Sunday 3 March, there was also Chemsafe!
The “Just the woman I am” event is a non-competitive race / walk in favor of university research, women and prevention, promoted by CUS Torino. The funds raised through the registrations will allow to finance research projects.
Chemsafe has a staff made up of 70% women, moreover, constantly collaborating with pharmaceutical companies and universities, understands the importance of research in a sector such as that of female cancer.
So what better way to celebrate early on March 8, enjoying the city doing charity!

Chemsafe support the association Volley Caluso

In front of the left: Vercellino (Manager), Grippiolo (Manager), Marchese (Coach), Cavassa, Chilia, Tirapelle, Borgia, Cuffia, Salvetti. Seated: Pavan, Daniel, Cocozza (President), Ponzetti, Bergantino, Galati, Bianco The will to support the “Volley Caluso” association arises from the sharing of Chemsafe owners to the values that...