Chemical Newsletter June 2021

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Chemical Newsletter July 2020

Download pdf: 07_2020-Newsletter_EN.pdf

Chemical Newsletter January-March 2020

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CHEMSAFE ACTIVITY during COVID19 emergengy

Download pdf: CORONAVIRUS_OPERATIVITA-Chemsafe-1.pdf

Chemical Newsletter September-October 2019

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Chemical Newsletter July-August 2019

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Chemical Newsletter May-June 2019

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Chemical Newsletter March-April 2019

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Chemical Newsletter January-February 2019

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Chemical Newsletter December 2018

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Chemical Newsletter November 2018

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Chemical Newsletter October 2018

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Chemical Newsletter September 2018

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Chemical Newsletter August 2018

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Chemical Newsletter June – July 2018

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Chemical Newsletter May 2018

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Chemical Newsletter April 2018

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Chemical Newsletter March 2018

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Chemical Newsletter February 2018

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Chemical Newsletter January 2018

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Chemical Newsletter December 2017

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Chemical Newsletter November 2017

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Chemical Newsletter October 2017

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Chemical Newsletter July 2017

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Chemical Newsletter June 2017

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Medical Device Newsletter July 2021

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Medical Device Newsletter March 2021

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Medical Device Newsletter December 2020

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Medical Device Newsletter September 2020

Download pdf: 09-2020-Newsletter_MD_EN.pdf

Medical Device Newsletter June 2020

Download pdf: 06-2020-Newsletter_MD_EN.pdf

What changes after adopting the proposal to postpone the Medical Devices Regulation by one year. (Attached Below)

Download pdf: Date-1.pdf

Medical Device Newsletter March 2020

Download pdf: 03-2020-Newsletter_MD_EN.pdf

CHEMSAFE ACTIVITY during COVID19 emergengy

Download pdf: CORONAVIRUS_OPERATIVITA-Chemsafe-2.pdf

Medical Device Newsletter December 2019

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Medical Device Newsletter September 2019

Download pdf: 09-2019-Newsletter_MD_EN.pdf

Medical Device Newsletter June 2019

Download pdf: 06-2019-Newsletter_MD_EN.pdf

Medical Device Newsletter March 2019

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Medical Device Newsletter December 2018

Download pdf: 12-2018-Newsletter-1st_MD_EN.pdf

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