May Regulatory Updates


  • Glyphosate: no change proposed to hazard classification

ECHA’s Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) agrees to keep glyphosate’s current classification as causing serious eye damage and being toxic to aquatic life. Based on a wide-ranging review of scientific evidence, the committee again concludes that classifying glyphosate as a carcinogen is not justified.


  • Assessments of two substance groups published.

Assessments of regulatory needs are now available for:

Methylene diphenyl ureas; and Aralkylamines

  • Consolidated texts for UK REACH and CLP laws published


  • Urinary MicroRNA-based Early Cancer Detection Using Nanowire-based Devices


  • Danish Consumer Council exposes ‘undesirable’ substances in sunscreen products


  • Efsa issues final list of plasticisers in FCMs prioritised for risk assessment