About us


Chemsafe started its activity in August 2001 being founded by Dr. Antonio Conto after 13 years’ experience in an Italian CRO. Chemsafe is now a Regulatory Affairs company working in many fields of regulatory activities and having acquired more than 400 customers over the years. From a single man company to having 26 employees in 2020, Chemsafe can be considered one of the most consolidated Regulatory Affairs Company in Italy and at a wider European level. The regulatory work is managed by four Business Units; each of them contains highly experienced staff managed by a Senior Scientist with an average of at least 7-8 years’ experience in the specific field.

A LEADING COMPANY IN EUROPE – A centre of expertise

Chemsafe has consolidated its role as a reference point in the European regulatory field showing high standards of efficiency and reliability towards its customers. Today, the expertise Chemsafe has gained throughout the years gives the entire Chemsafe’s team the chance to operate with confidence in the new emerging areas of business such as Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Foods. Chemsafe can boast, to date, of a huge number of Registration Dossier/Expert reports released; around 2000 REACH and more than 100 Biocides/Agro dossiers compiled; more than 2000 PDEs calculated, more than 500 OELs settings provided and thousands of SDS prepared, all of which have been translated into many languages.


Chemsafe’s background consists in an in-depth knowledge of toxicological, eco-toxicological and environmental fate safety evaluation for chemicals as well as pre-clinical and clinical assessments for drugs. The scientific background is our strength. This is due to the expertise of the founder that was transferred to all scientific colleagues within the company. This high level of expertise is offered to customers in different fields of activity in a very successful way.


Chemsafe has consolidated a big network of collaborators and laboratories at both national and international levels. A good experience with European Agencies (ECHA, EFSA, and EMA) allows us to offer the best services within dossier preparation and post-submission support.

A new operative Headquarter from 2020

Chemsafe moved all its staff to the new location on October 20, 2020.
The offices were designed in order to have the maximum comfort in term of natural light, wellness and the possibility, during good season, to enjoy the sun during lunch time or breaks.