Our staff of 26 people is composed mostly of graduates in Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Industrial Chemistry as well as Medicinal Chemistry. Among them, there also two Registered European Toxicologists (ERT®), experts in delivering toxicological opinions. The scientific background is our strength. Chemsafe’s people are highly skilled/qualified in their fields of expertise and have a teamwork attitude. We believe that a group that works well together, achieves the best results. That makes Chemsafe a continuously stimulating environment and provides our clients with a comprehensive result.


The Chemsafe Staff is structured into 4 Business Units (BU):

  • BU Chemical
  • BU Pharma
  • BU Medical Devices
  • BU Food/Feed


Each BU is managed by a BU Head who is responsible for the planning and the business results of their BU. The BU Head has at least 6 -7 years of experience in the specific fields.


Thanks to its internal organization, Chemsafe can provide integrated technical/legal advice and advocacy support starting from project definition up to dossier submission or Expert Report delivery. The work is carried out by our skilled technical teams with the coordination of the Commercial Manager and the Legal Support. For every project, the BU Head appoints a Project Leader who will manage the interaction with the client trying to customize every service to the client’s need.