Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service (CIRS) is a leading product safety and chemical management consulting firm providing valued product regulatory compliance service, tailored solutions and original information to help our clients gain competitive advantage by reducing business risks associations with regulatory affairs and removing barriers to entry.


With its headquarters based in Hangzhou of China and subsidiaries or laboratories located in Ireland, the United States, Beijing, Nanjing, and Ningbo, CIRS utilizes its technical expertise, various resources and global network to provide comprehensive compliance services such as chemical notifications, global GHS compliance, pesticides and biocides registration, cosmetics and new cosmetic ingredient registration, medical device registration, food and food-related products compliance services, testing, regulatory update monitoring and training service.


Global GHS Compliance Services

  • UN GHS.
  • Chinese SDS and Labeling.
  • Japanese and Korean SDS and Labeling.
  • GHS in Other Asian Countries or Regions, e.g. Philippine, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, Vietnam.
  • Chemical Consumer Products Labeling Review.
  • 24h Emergency Telephone Number Service.

Agrochemicals & Biocides in China

  • Pesticide Registration in China.
  • Disinfectant Registration in China.
  • Labeling Preparation of Biocides Treated Articles.

Cosmetics & New Ingredients in China

  • CFDA Registration of Cosmetics in China.
  • Registration of New Cosmetic Ingredient in China.
  • Registration of Cosmetics in Other Countries or Regions (Korea, ASEAN, etc.).
  • Toxicology Safety Assessment.
  • Review of Product Formula and Label.

Medical Devices & IVD in China

  • Pre-market Investigation & Analysis.
  • Medical Devices Registration & Approval.
  • Clinical Trial Consulting.
  • Manufacturing and Distributing License Approval.
  • Quality Assurance & Compliance.
  • Risk Assessment & Management.
  • Customs Clearance.
  • IPR Protection in China.

Food & Food-related Products in China

  • Health Food Registration and Filing in China.
  • Infant Formula Milk Powder Registration in China.
  • Food for Special Medical Purpose (FSMP) Registration in China.
  • New Food Raw Material Registration in China.
  • New Food Additive Registration in China.
  • Prepackaged Food Regulatory Compliance Service in China.
  • Regulatory Compliance Service on Imported Food Contact Materials and Articles in China.
  • New Food Contact Substance Notification in China.
  • Food Regulatory Update Monitoring Service.