How the covid-19 pandemic has affected the biocides world


In 2020 due to the spread of COVID-19, the market experienced a sudden request of products for hand washing, and subsequently of surface disinfectant products. Several companies had to manage how to improve their generic disinfectants to products effective against enveloped viruses such as COVID-19.
In the paper, an overview of the available test and the indication provided in the ECHA guidance of on product efficacy is presented. The paper also provides an interesting overview of what happened in the disinfectant market in 2020 and what is happening during 2021.
Disinfectant and disinfection became the keyword of the shopping cart of consumers, companies, public administrations, hospitals, public businesses. The effect was observed because of different factors:
During the lockdown, there was an increasing demand for disinfection products because of the initial procurement fearing that the system would not be able to guarantee production and of an increase in the use of disinfectant. During phase two and phase three increased demand to support cleaning procedure for the reopening of commercial establishments and the subsequent reopening of schools and offices. This trend was observed in the EU and in the USA.
In 2021 in the USA there was a decline in sales. It seems that the effects of the vaccination campaign have led public opinion to consider the coronavirus emergency now over, and the same is observed in the EU.
The paper conclusion is that it’s clear that disinfectant sales will continue to decrease in the future, the entity of this decrease does not depend strictly on the market, but it will depend mainly on the policies adopted against the pandemic.

HPC Today
Issue: September/October 2021
Vol 16(5)

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